Meet the Taiapas


Over the years we have been able to travel to various destinations using our residual income we earned from our part time homebased business.

What better way to teach your children about the world then by showing them!


It is great to be in a position to travel a couple of times a year, making memories that our children will cherish forever. 


So,what would you do if time & money was no longer a factor?

Would you travel? maybe pay off some bills? help your children through university? put down a deposit on a house?


Whats on offer? 

 *Build a business in 27 Countries

*Earn money when someone answers their mobile phone, turns on a light or uses the internet

*Work from home, part time, in and around your family & other commitments


If you would like to find out more, then please go to “Contact us” and fill out your details. We will be in touch in 24 to 48 hours.


To see more of our family adventures, go to:



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